2021-2022 Department Commander Kevin Caldwell
Post 14 Harrisburg, AR

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routine. I as a younger Legionnaire can relate. Younger veterans started our families later in life. They have a tendency to do more “kid” friendly activities.

Nancy French asked me while we were in Arizona, “Tell me about yourself.  

My reply, “ I'm nothing special, married and the daddy of three little girls, that's about it”.

I'm not a “Legion Member”  

I'm a “Legionnaire”, as we all should be.

Thank you

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First, thank you for having the faith and vision for the American Legion's future.

For those that don't know me, I'm Kevin Caldwell married and have three children. Andrea is my wife and my daughters are Kassidy, Callie, and Claire. My greatest accomplishment is being the father of these fantastic daughters. I have taken great time and energy educating these girls in the ways of Americanism and Patriotism. I hope that I am preparing them for a future in this great country of ours.

My military career has very little lack luster. I served in Desert Storm as an Infantry Medic and a nurse. I have traveled around with several units while serving in the Army and the National Guard. I probably could have been a better soldier but then could we not have all.  

The vision I have for the American Legion is to bring the membership up with the adding of new and younger veterans. We as a combined unit will have to make them welcome. We must evolve which is out of normal 
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