Boys State Commission
Coordinator: Rusty Bush
Chairman: D.F. Womack
Commissioner: Greg Bland
Commissioner: Len Cotton
Commissioner: Hal Qualls
Commissioner: Wesley Rooks

V.A. Volunteers Service Officers
Little Rock & North Little Rock: Gordon Murray
Fayetteville: Vaughn Dablemont (Deputy)
Poplar Bluff: Norman Cole
Shreveport: Dan Nicholson - Art Candelaria (Deputy)
  Vice Chairman Civil Defense: Keith Dover
Homeless Veterans Task Force Chairman: Dallas Erdman
Housing Chairman: Billy Burton
Internal Affairs Chairman: R.D. Kinsey
Law & Order Chairman: Patrick Carpenter
Legion Riders Chairman: Larry Nixon
Legislative Chairman: R.D. Kinsey
Light Duty Rescue Chairman: Ron Bissett
Membership Chairman: Jack Netherland
Military Affairs Chairman: Mike Ross
National Cemetery Advisor: Fred Steube
National Security Chairman: Glen Minor
Oratorical Chairman: Roger Lacy
Post Revitalization Chairman: Bob Johnson
POW/MIA Chairman: Roberta Davis
Public Relations Chairman: Keith Dover
Rehabilitation Chairman: Harlie Treat
Shooting Sports Chairman: John Horton
S.A.L. Dept./Det. Advisor: Barbara Aguirre
S.A.L. N.W. Area Advisor: Dwight Earnest (2 Years)
S.A.L. N.E. Area Advisor: Johnny Von Ruedgisch (1 Year)
S.A.L. S.E. Area Advisor: Joe McGloflin (2 Years)
S.A.L. S.W. Area Advisor: Dan Nicholson (1 Year)
Veterans Preference: Glen Finney
Agriculture, Natural Resource & Energy: Barbara Aguirre
Americanism Chairman: Ralph Sims
Baseball Commissioner: Jeral Howard
Boy Scout Chairman: James Beard
Boy State Coordinator:  Rusty Bush
Child Welfare Director: Doyle Batey
Community Service Chairman: Mike Lester
Constitution & Bylaws Chairman: Frank Kaye
Convention Chairman: Bob Pepper
Economics Chairman: Frank Hash
Education & Scholarship Chairman: Allen Kimball
Employment Chairman: Stephen Finnegan
Flag Alliance Chairman: Keith Dover
Foreign Relations Chairman: Jim Lane
Homeland Security Chairman: Keith Paluso
  Vice Chairman for Aerospace: Neil Combs
  Vice Chairman for Blood Drive: Barbara Shrock
  Vice Chairman for Emergency Mgt.: Ron Bissett
  Vice Chairman for Army Affairs: Jerry Sullivan
  Vice Chairman for Naval Affairs: Everett Smith
  Vice Chairman for Marine Corps Affairs: Jim Gruenewald
  Vice Chairman for Counter Subversive Activities: Jerry Sullivan
  Vice Chairman for Coast Guard Affairs: Jamie Michener
  Vice Chairman for Merchant Marine Affairs: Don Booker
  Vice Chairman for Communications & Computer Security: Dan Nicholson
2012 - 2013 Commander's Committee Appointments
Convention Committee
2013 - S.W. Area: Bob Pepper (Chairman)
2014 - N.W. Area: Marvin Akers
2015 - S.E. Area: Everett Smith
2016 - N.E. Area: Richard Nelson
2017 - At Large: Joe McGloflin Jr
Advisor: Charlie McAfee, Auxiliary

Resolutions Committee
Ross Rogers -- Everett Smith -- Fran O'Brien

Credentials Committee
Policy Committee Members
Board of Trustees
2013 - N.E. Area: Rick Nelson
2014 - S.E. Area: Gordon Murray (Chairman)
2015 - S.W. Area: Cecil Earp
2016 - N.W. Area: Jesse Lewis
2017 - S.W. Area (At Large): Jim Cessor

Policy Committee
2013 - N.W. Area: Ross Rogers
2014 - S.E. Area: Vernon Bynum
2015 - At Large: Fran O'Brien
2016 - S.W. Area: Bill Mulcahy
2017 - N.E. Area: Jim Lane

Budget & Finance Committee
2013 - N.E. Area: Ernie Simpson
2014 - At Large: Bill Jarrard (Chairman)
2015 - N.W. Area: Otto Keller
2016 - S.E. Area: Jasper Honeycutt
2017 - S.W. Area: Dallas Erdman

Children & Youth Committee
2013 - N.W. Area: Bill Eaton (Chairman)
2014 - N.E. Area: Michael Westergren
2015 - S.W. Area: R.D. Kensey
2016 - S.E. Area: Wayne Womack
2017 - N.W. Area (At Large): Billy Burton
Adjutant/Child Welfare Director: Doyle Batey
Activities Committee
2013 - N.E. Area: Bob Johnson
2013 - S.E. Area: Joe McGloflin
2014 - N.W. Area: Jerry Myers
2014 - S.W. Area: R.D. Kensey
2015 - S.W. Area: Penny Fogle
2016 - S.E. Area: Jerry Suilivan
2016 - N.W. Area: Jacob Greeling
2017 - S.W. Area: (At Large): Keith Dover
Auxiliary - Anna Smith
Auxiliary - Charley McAfee

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